Dynamic programming using closures in Ruby

I was playing around with ruby and proc blocks caught my fancy. Here’s the code snippet (not a perfect algorithm, but shows the use of closures)

def get_angle_checker(start_angle, end_angle)
  return Proc.new { |angle| (start_angle <= angle  && angle < end_angle) }

acute_angle_checker = get_angle_checker(0, 90)
right_angle_checker = get_angle_checker(90, 91)
obtuse_angle_checker = get_angle_checker(91, 180)

puts acute_angle_checker.call(12)      #true
puts acute_angle_checker.call(90)      #false
puts right_angle_checker.call(90)      #true
puts obtuse_angle_checker.call(112)    #true

For some one looking for more info on closures, following resources may be useful:




One response to “Dynamic programming using closures in Ruby

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