21 – The movie

I went to watch the movie “21” yesterday. I wanted to watch this movie since it was related to MIT.

I had AMC screen all for myself… well almost 😉 There were less than 10 people to watch this movie show.

The movie was entertaining, but not really mind blowing. Towards the end the story became predictable.

In short, the movie could have been better, much better.

In this movie, Ben Campbell wins Black Jack money twice! But he still has to rely upon conventional ways to pay his Harvard Med tuition.

This thing particularly intrigued me… Even for a movie like this one, they didn’t consider using gambling money  (sorry Prof. Micky Rosa) to pay for the tuition. Ben had to resort to scholarship to pay 300K fees.

So there are certain things which are considered wrong even in a movie 🙂

Huh! thats something….


One response to “21 – The movie

  1. I saw 21 as well, and like you, wasn’t WOWed. It was definitely entertaining, but like you said, predictable towards the end. The whole card counting system though, was impressive. I bet after watching the movie, there are college kids out there trying to work out something similar to it. haha

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