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Online movie streaming

SurfTheChannel (STC) has links to some Bollywood movies as well. STC

Jab We Met : http://www.surfthechannel.com/info/Movies/56315/Jab+We+Met.html?aid=52402

They have a huge collection of TV Series, Anime and hollywood movies. Most of the video is streamed from Chinese websites (tudou.com). I found that videos streamed from veoh aer much better than tudou.

STC uses Agriya FLV player to stream and play movies. One of the things that sucks about this player is, it doesn’t let you seek the video forward, which is very annoying if I want to watch the movie in multiple sessions. Another much needed addition would be ability to automatically play all the parts of the video (typically a movie spans multiple parts, possibly from different sources).

Be warned that all the videos/movies listed on STC are most likely violating copyrights.

If they can come up legitimitate way of online streaming infrastructure to deliver iTunes style low cost/high quality movies (PPV), there may be a decent market. Netflix is already delivering movie titles online for a small fee.

European players are toying with the idea of using P2P technologies (“p2pnext”) for streaming videos. This would enable delivering high quality videos with optimal bandwidth usage.


21 – The movie

I went to watch the movie “21” yesterday. I wanted to watch this movie since it was related to MIT.

I had AMC screen all for myself… well almost 😉 There were less than 10 people to watch this movie show.

The movie was entertaining, but not really mind blowing. Towards the end the story became predictable.

In short, the movie could have been better, much better.

In this movie, Ben Campbell wins Black Jack money twice! But he still has to rely upon conventional ways to pay his Harvard Med tuition.

This thing particularly intrigued me… Even for a movie like this one, they didn’t consider using gambling money  (sorry Prof. Micky Rosa) to pay for the tuition. Ben had to resort to scholarship to pay 300K fees.

So there are certain things which are considered wrong even in a movie 🙂

Huh! thats something….

TZP – Tantalizing Zealous Performance

It takes great range, versatility and courage to produce superior movies. Aamir Khan has proved that he belongs to a class of his own. Success of Taare Zameen Par shows that people do appreciate intelligent cinema if packaged correctly. TZP tickles sensitivities of the viewer by talking about an issue that most of us are aware of but not open to discuss.

In the clutter (and stupidity) of most bollywood movies, TZP stands tall. Its departure from typical melodrama should show the way for rest of the fraternity. The movie has a wonderful message and to top it, it has subtlety, for the intelligent audience. Unlike most of bollywood cinema, it is not “in your face” movie, No masala, no nonsense, a clear message and mind blowing performance…

It encourages the viewer to think/anticipate and grasp.

Shankar Ehasan Loy’s music has moved a step closer to rock with bold use of guitar scores and English style music. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics vary between inspiring to mediocre; he lacks the rhymes and melody of Akhtar Saab but he’s done his job well!

The lead actor, the boy, Darsheel Safary has performed superbly well, way too well infact.

Even though ‘Bijli’ka jhataka will set you off by 200+ bucks, go and watch the movie in PVR.

 * Note: I am note paid by PVR or any of the producers to promote the movie :p