Axe your long distance call rates with jax

Jaxtr, the company that links your phone to the Web, now offers local phone numbers in India. Jaxtr is the first and only company to offer its members the ability to bypass expensive international toll charges by calling a local Indian number to reach friends and family abroad-cheaply and easily-from any ordinary mobile or landline phone. (Press Release)

With the local numbers, India jaxtr members can call for as little as 0.43 Indian rupees (43 paisa or 0.01 USD) per minute.

For Indians in US, the reversal of calling patterns can result in tremendous savings.


I use StanaCard or Reliance Calling Card to call home. Both of these cost almost 6 cents per minute. (Apart from this, I also use my operator’s tariff minutes).

If I consume about 320-360 mins/month calling India. 70% of thse minutes are calls to my immediate family. Rest of the minutes are divided between friends and relatives.

I’m trying to analyse the cost savings if I purchase jaxtr India number(s) where my family can call me. Calling US from India is much cheaper (on Jaxtr) that calling India from US, this should result in considerable savings.

The following table should explain the scenario in detail.

  Minutes Jaxtr Others Jaxtr Others
Phone#1 120 1.2 7.2
Phone#2 90 0.9 5.4
Phone#3 30 1.8 1.8
Others# 60 3.6 3.6
    2.1 5.4   18
Total 300 $7.5   $18  

Wow! this cuts down my long distance charges by more than half! The only downside being, for each of my phone in India (from where calls are made), I need jax minutes since sharing of minutes across multiple phone numbers may not be allowed by Jaxtr.


6 responses to “Axe your long distance call rates with jax

  1. Hey. Thanks for considering jaxtr. A few comments to help you analyze the service. Jaxtr membership is free, so you’ll get the local numbers for free – no need to purchase them. Also, you can link multiple phones to your jaxtr account. For instance, I have my home and mobile linked to the same account and can use my jax on both phones (plus decide which phone rings when someone calls me through jaxtr which is cool).

    Another big benefit of jaxtr over calling cards is that we give you just one number to call for each contact. You can save that number and use it over and over again vs. dialing multiple numbers each time.

  2. I’ve been using RocketVoIP for a little over a year now and am really happy with the service offerings. They to have many countries included in their unlimited plan. USA, Canada, Western Europe… are all included in the plan price. They beat Vonage on both set up price and monthly price. They don’t have taxes or other fees that increase monthly bills and their international rates are incredibly low. check them out at

  3. has more details on calling charges.
    The calculations I have shown above do not hold anymore!

    # Calls are charged at a per minute rate and rounded up to the minute. A 2 jax connection fee applies.
    # Click-to-call calls have an additional charge for the call to your phone. For example, a US member making a click-to-call to India is charged the total of US plus India rates.

    I tried setting up my brother’s phone to be used with Jaxtr, so that he can make calls to my US Tel. Number.
    This is what I discovered
    Jaxtr gives a non-local (=STD) number in India for my US Number, so STD Call charges would apply (Rs.2 ~ $0.0465); 1 jax/min to make calls to US; 1 jax/min to me to receive calls on US Tel. Number.

    So here’s what you end up paying!
    1 Jax = 1 Cent ($0.01)
    So my brother in India would pay $0.01 + $0.0465 = $0.0565 per min
    I would pay $0.01 for receiving calls

    Effectively, cost / min = $0.0665 so much for using Jaxtr!

  4. Hi Pavan,

    I think there’s still some confusion, so let me see if this clears it up. I’ll assume your brother cannot avoid the STD charge when calling the local jaxtr number in India, though this is certainly not the case for everyone calling from in India.

    First – Jaxtr never charges both parties jax for a jaxtr call. Depending on the type of call being made, only the caller or the callee will be charged jax–never both parties.

    It’s probably worth clarifying that there are two types of jaxtr calls: a JaxOUT call and a JaxIN call.

    A jaxOUT call can be initiated through a jaxtr number assigned to the caller through their own Home page. The member logs into their own jaxtr account, specifies the number of the person they wish to call, and requests a jaxtr number. When placing a jaxOUT call, the caller is charged the jax rate of the destination (US in this case of 1 jax minute).

    A jaxIN call is made through a jaxtr number assigned to the caller through the callee’s jaxtr Contact Page. The caller visits the callee’s Contact Page ( and clicks the Call Me button. The caller enters their own phone number and receives a jaxtr number to call the member. When placing a jaxIN call, the caller is never charged by jaxtr (note: local provider charges may still apply). Instead, the member callee uses their own jax to receive the call, if they choose to do so.

    Also – it’s worth mentioning the cost per jax can be as low as $0.008 / minute or lower. It depends on the jax pack that you’ve bought (in this case, I’m referring to our $10/1250 jax pack). This number may be even lower if you take into account the free jax members receive when they first join or the free jax that can come as part of a complementary premium membership. Plus members receive free SMS messaging to recipients across the globe.

    So, assuming your brother must pay an STD when calling the local jaxtr number in India, the costs would look something like this when he calls you:

    Placing a JaxOUT call (A number generated from your jaxtr page) :
    1 Jax = $0.008 Cent
    Brother in India would pay: $0.008 + $0.0565 per minute (STD) = $0.0645 per minute plus the jax connection fee.
    You (the callee) in US would pay NOTHING for receiving the call.

    Placing a JaxIN call (A number from your brother’s jaxtr page):
    1 Jax = $0.008 Cent
    Brother in India would pay: $0.0565 per minute (STD) and no connection fee in this scenario.
    You (the callee) in US would pay $0.008 per minute for receiving the call.

    Hope this helps, and let me know if you have further questions.

    Thanks for blogging about our service.

  5. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the clarification. I was talking about phone-to-phone jaxtr calls (from India to a number in US).

    In that case,
    The caller (in India) will pay STD Call Charges (in India) + Jaxtr International Call Charges + Jaxtr Connection Fees

    The receiver (in US) will have to pay $0.008 per minute for receiving the call on the phone.

    Most of the long distance service provides (eg. Stanacard, Reliance) charge about $0.04 – $0.06 per minute for calling India. To the best of my knowledge, there are no extra connection fees for the caller and the callee.

  6. Hi Pavan. Thanks for commenting back. I appreciate having a chance to talk this through. In regards to what you’ve mentioned, no, the receiver in the U.S. shouldn’t be paying anything in this scenario. As far as jaxtr is concerned, only one person ever bears the burden of jaxtr costs in any call scenario.

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