Notebooks getting leaner and meaner!

Apple can still claim the MacBook Air is the skinniest laptop currently available – for the moment. The machine that beats it, VoodooPC’s Envy 133, is just 1.75cm thick. The Air is 1.90cm thick.

Voodo Envy has lots of innovations and it’s carbon casing makes it light and beautiful. Backlit keyboard is a useful feature too. Since ethernet port has been moved to laptop’s AC adaptor, the adaptor looks bulky an aberration to otherwise sleek design of the entire package. A missing feature is Apple style optical drive.

Voodo Envy enables the user to use browser, skype or IM client without booting into the full fledged OS (Vista in this case). Probably this is provided by “Instant-On Linux” integrated in the BIOS flash chip.

In my opinion, this is the way to go; you don’t have to stare at “Please wait…” screens just to catch up with your emails, on the laptop, between the flights.

All these goodie features come at a price. $2000 is pricey price point for getting bewitched!


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