My Windows Safari

Yesterday Apple pushed Safari thro’ its Software Updater. Even though I hate being forced with such updates, Safari is quite a welcome software. I have been a Firefox user (on both Linux and Windoze) for almost four years now. I do not consider IE to be particularly safe especially when it comes to online banking and shopping. But Firefox drags my laptop  especially after extended use. Internet is full of complaints about FF 2.x memory hogging habits (some blame it on plugins/add-ons too).Oh ya! I almost forgot what I was about to say. Coming  back to my Safari, its an amazing software, slick, fast and functional. Even though Safari doesn’t use native ClearType font rendering,  I liked those fuzzy fonts on Windows XP. I like the way search strings are highlighted. It would be nice to have ‘/’ also work as inline search (just like Vi(m) and FF) :)I tested FF and Safari loading some video sites and almost always Firefox was foxed !Apart from better memory utilization and performance, Safari also has very intuitive nifty features (Apple trademark, isn’t it?) for history, private browsing.This version 3.1 has much better standards compliance as well. Even though Yahoo Mail (new) complained that this browser is not officially supported, it worked just as fine.But I will have to wait to get my delicious and stumble plugins on Safari.


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