TZP – Tantalizing Zealous Performance

It takes great range, versatility and courage to produce superior movies. Aamir Khan has proved that he belongs to a class of his own. Success of Taare Zameen Par shows that people do appreciate intelligent cinema if packaged correctly. TZP tickles sensitivities of the viewer by talking about an issue that most of us are aware of but not open to discuss.

In the clutter (and stupidity) of most bollywood movies, TZP stands tall. Its departure from typical melodrama should show the way for rest of the fraternity. The movie has a wonderful message and to top it, it has subtlety, for the intelligent audience. Unlike most of bollywood cinema, it is not “in your face” movie, No masala, no nonsense, a clear message and mind blowing performance…

It encourages the viewer to think/anticipate and grasp.

Shankar Ehasan Loy’s music has moved a step closer to rock with bold use of guitar scores and English style music. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics vary between inspiring to mediocre; he lacks the rhymes and melody of Akhtar Saab but he’s done his job well!

The lead actor, the boy, Darsheel Safary has performed superbly well, way too well infact.

Even though ‘Bijli’ka jhataka will set you off by 200+ bucks, go and watch the movie in PVR.

 * Note: I am note paid by PVR or any of the producers to promote the movie :p

3 responses to “TZP – Tantalizing Zealous Performance

  1. In defence of a wordsmith.
    Opinion: everyone is entitled to one. You’ve said your piece” Prasoon joshi’s lyrics vary…. lacks….rhymes and melodies..of : I and many other connoisseurs would disagree and strongly and passionately. This man’s work is sheer genius. Gems like “tujhe sab hai pata hai na maa, or tu dhoop hai cham se bikhar,or mutthi main mausam ki jaise hawaein, yeh to hai buzurgo ki dil ki duayein”, even ” yeh titli se mine jaatein hai, pedo se batiyate hain, yeh hawa batora karte hai..barish ki boondein padhe hai”…
    If this is not pure magic in poetry and thought and meter and rhyme and sentiment. Then what is?
    This man, and No I don’t even know him remotely, though I wish I did- is like a breath of pure mountain air. His work inspires and moves. I salute him.

  2. Kunal, there is no disagreement that Prasoon Joshi is very talented and has produced great lyrics. I admire his creativity.

    But every time I listen to his songs, I end up feeling that his lyrics have impressive beginning and equally impressive ending, but some how the lyrics lose the steam in between! I guess he can do even better.

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