Chak de India!

Three cheers to India and 10 uttappas to Robin Uthapa, and yes Sachin deserves his vada pavs too 🙂

The game of cricket between India and England at the Oval was action packed, over 600 runs scored. A good start given by Sachin and Saurav put India in drivers seat till the first half of second innings. But as usual, once India lost a couple of wickets, the momentum and confidence was lost.

Our team showed lack of character, poor coordination between the wickets (yet again!!!) towards the end of innings, however Robin Uthapa kept his cool and kept the match going. England team didn’t have to do any work for Sachin, Agarkar’s wickets. Yuvi did his bit to help England cross 300 mark; IMHO 5 sixes in a single over is shear lack of thinking on bowlers part.

But, alls well that ends well! Good show boys. Robin you rock 🙂

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