Simple SMS based vocab builder app

Yesterday one of my friends enquired me about an interesting requirement.
She needs an SMS based vocab builder.

After a little bit thinking and Googling, I figured out a simple way to achieve it. I tested the solution for my Airtel Karnataka Number and voila, it works!!

All you need is
1) Email account which supports filter based email forwarding (eg.Gmail)
2) Mobile connection which supports email 2 SMS forwarding (eg. 91[Airtel Karnataka #]

The process is simple:
1) Sign up for some service which will email you the wordlist(s) (eg. Merriam-Webster)
2) Create a filter in Gmail for this sender email and chose the action as Forward to.
Provide email address as 91[Airtel Karnataka #]
eg. If you want to receive SMS on 9845098450, provide email address as

You should start receiving all the emails from the dictionary service as SMSs.

This method can be extended to forward any email as an SMS.


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