Adventure Clubs in Bangalore

Bored with the monotonous week-ends in Bangalore, which typically include a visit to one of the crowded malls driving through congested roads and eating out in high priced low quality restaurants, I was looking out for some interesting get-aways from Bangalore.

After some Googling, I found out a web page listing a few adventure clubs in Bangalore.

Nature Admire
#107, 8th Coss, 6th Main
Bangalore – 560 003.
Phone: 3340065, 3469274
Contact: S. Dev Balaji

Centre for Adventure & Rejuvenation of Environment (CARE)
126, Arora Business Centre
111, Dickenson Road
Bangalore – 560 052.
Ph: 080-5586719 / 337/ 627 & 5598128
Mob: 98456–95350

Vijayashree Building
1, 18th Cross, 3rd Floor
Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560 003
E-mail –
Contact Nos. 080-41281478 / Mob: 98456-95350

The Karnataka Mountaineering Association
No 6, Gurunanak Bhavan Complex, Jasma Bhavan Road,
Bangalore – 560 052.
Ph : 080-2269053
Office Timings: Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure
State Youth Centre, Nrupathunga Road
Bangalore – 560 002.
Ph: +91-80-2210454

Society for Propagation & Activation of Rock Klimbing
Corporation Stadium Complex,
III Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore – 560 011.
Ph: +91-80-5530724 Extn: 420

Bangalore Aerosports Pvt. Ltd.
22/2 Alfred Street, Richmond Town
Bangalore – 560 025.
Ph: 080-3637440 / 9845213374

121, 8th Main, 3rd Block,
Bangalore – 560011


11 responses to “Adventure Clubs in Bangalore

  1. Kindly update our new address in your Blog i.e.

    Vijayashree Building
    1, 18th Cross, 3rd Floor
    Bangalore – 560 003
    E-mail –
    Contact Nos. 080-41281478 / Mob: 98456-95350

  2. Bangalore Mountaineering Club is the most active Adventure club with maximum Adventure activities I have seen. They also have active presence on Internet at – They claim to have 3000+ Registered Members.

  3. Plz update our details

    Venture Adventure Club (Regd.) (VAC) is a non-profit international voluntary organization with its headquarters in Bangalore, dedicated to the promotion of adventure sports and nature awareness with the maximum number of qualified and certified instructors. Our aim is to provide state of art, safe ‘n’ thrilling adventure sports at low cost. We are interested in bringing adventure into the lives of the youth specially those who would otherwise have had no hope of being exposed to it.

    We are committed to providing only Premium events. We are NOT one of those “can do” clubs because, quite frankly, there are some things we can’t do, and there are other things that just shouldn’t be done. We prefer to tell you up front than have you discover it on the day of the event. So when we say we “can do” something, you can rest assured it will be done well!

    VAC is an international organization for the promotion of adventure sports and nature awareness since almost a decade (1996) with an outstanding genuine track of zero accident.

    VAC is the premier outward-bound institution dedicated in promotion outdoor learning and nature exploration through a spectrum of activities in India and Abroad.

    Venture Adventure Club
    9243068286, 9243602124

  4. Bakpackers is an voluntary organisation , having conducted more than 25 Himalayan Expeditions and a numerous local treks in the western ghats. Those interested can join our and get to know more about our programs.

    lakshminarayan v


  5. Hi,
    We have now moved to a new office. The new address is as follows:

    Rathnam Complex, 109, 18th Cross, 8th Main
    Bangalore – 560 005
    Tel: 080- 41281478 – Mob: 98456-95350

    Sheshasdri S.K.

  6. Hi!
    This is very useful. Can you please let me know about similar adventure clubs in Chennai and Hyderabad? Would be very grateful. Live in Noida and am unable to travel and scout around for myself in south India.
    Safe climbing,

  7. Someone please list out places in Bangalore where I can meet people who are fun to be with…damn…bangalore is making me feel lonely…Is it just me or others also feel the same…

  8. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

  9. hi all,

    i stay abroad as of now. once upon a time i was a very active member of spark at jayanagar bangalore. subsequently shifted from banglore and involving in activities in smaller ways. do any of u have adventure/nature camp activities during next two months around bangalore in particular /karnataka in general.

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