Hoopla about visa

IndiaDaily has a very interesting analysis of the motive behind increasing H1B quota by 50000.
Though it can’t be ruled out that H1B is going to assist many corporations source (exploit?) talent from developing countries like India,
it also helps American Corporations maintain their edge over the competitors. Moreover H1B visa holders willingly work for these large corporations (for money, US life, whatever reasons). A small but significant percent of H1B visa holders also participate in many startups, making their contribution towards innovation and wealth creation.

Just by increasing H1B quota, the problem of labor shortage and that of loss of jobs to immigrants (whom US lovingly calls aliens),
can’t be addressed. These are myopic solutions. If a person works on H1B for a few years and then returns to his home land, then US loses all the competence he had gained over a period of time working in US. If Green Card processing is more rationalized, probably the person my stay back making further contributions to his adapted home country (i.e US).

A long term strategy to increase the availability of local talent in the respective domains and systematic H1B system to attract, nurture and retain talent has to be worked out. It should be need based and ongoing. In increasingly globalizing world, talent will migrate to a place where there is best recognition and business will move to places where it can acquire best raw material at the best price.

Outcries against outsourcing and immigration (in US/UK) seem to be coming from the corners where people do not want to work hard but just enjoy the benefits of a developed nation. We have to keep running even to stay at the same point.

There are NO FREE LUNCHES. Even Uncle Sam has to work and so should Queen.


One response to “Hoopla about visa

  1. I see that u’ve written this about 1 year back, but sadly its true for even today and there’ve been only discussions about H1B increase.

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