Blackberry Alternative

Recently when I was being interviewed by Spikesource, one of the startups in Bangalore, I came across this term open source alternative to Blackberry. Yesterday I was speaking to one of my former colleagues and I heard him talking about Blackberry. I was intrigued to know more about push email and Blackberry. So I set my research in motion šŸ™‚

Google led me to Funambol (read it on CNET)
If some email service provider can host funambol and integrate their email service into it, I believe it would be a lot of convenience for users with cellphones. Combine some open source (read standard compliant – bzip2?) compression both on server side and client side, add to that on demand message download (push only mail headers), you can save a lot of data transfer as well. A service provider can roll out offers similar to SMS packages at nominal costs and users would jump onto it.

Emoze currently supports free push email service and it can talk to your existing Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail accounts via POP3. (read it on Tech Digest)

Note: Now I am an employee of Spikesource, but the ideas described in this article are in noway endorsed by or related to Spikesource.


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