Paper Tiger comes to life

For a change, paper tiger came to life in ICC World Cup 2007. Indian cricket team defeats Bermuda. (Had they lost this match, they would have to return losing their bermuda “chaddi”)

Dravid’s fantasy about Sehwag finally saw some realization. “Sehwag’s Maa” had to intervene once again to save Veeru. Even though his innings was not free of flaws, it came at the right time. It should do a world of good to his confidence and ensure his berth for the rest of this tournament.

Even though I’m a firm believer that watching the game of cricket is a huge national waste, I enjoyed India’s the game against humble Bermuda. Especially the left handers Saurav and Yuvraj played some authoritative cricket shots.
The opener (not the bottle opener), Robin Uthappa reminded me of V.V.S.Laxman with his lack of footwork and a poor shot, when he tried to chase a ball ooutside the off-stump.

Pleasantly, with a score of 412, India was on the right side (‘the logical right side – opposite of wrong’) of a world record entry.

After a miserable defeat from Bangladesh, I was seriously concerned about Indian cricket team’s world cup prospects and not to forget the losses our media and ex-cricketers would incur. What would keep them occupied for next few months otherwise?

“Wicket Bacha – Thats the way to play”!


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