I was leisurely browsing the net looking for some service where I can post Powerpoint Presentations.
I landed at SlideShare .
Even though I had visited this site previously, I had not paid any special attention.

I don’t like any pets, but this slide show caught my attention…

SlideShare is a good web site and seems to address tha gap left by Google in online office tools.
It’s also using Google gimmick of “Beta” site. It would be unfair on my part not to mention Zoho
while talking about online office tools. I personally found Zoho
to be more feature rich than Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Its heartening to know that Zoho and SlideShare are brainchilds of Indian companies.


One response to “Slideshare

  1. I can’t seem to understand whats so great about the slide show u posted. Except for the preemptive buffering its doing. The pictures look very good because its using flash and the GUI looks neat & tidy.

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