I’m feelng lucky

I have always dreamt of living an exciting life. Four years at my job left me feeling dull and mediocre. “I want to be anything but ordinary”.

For quite some time my job was becoming more of a routine and I had this feeling that I was not utilizing my full potential. I had come close to resigning twice in the past.
Various other thoughts crossed my mind and I felt there was a lot I could do to make my job more interesting. I always wanted to quit on a monday morning but I waited for two days to think through my decision. After evaluating my finances and my career options, I made up my mind to move on. I am glad I tried all the options before calling it quits.

My last week at my job was full of dilemmas … new orders => travel opportunties, a surprise hike (not for me), lot of career options => promotions were floating around.
I was walking away from a assured promotion, a double digit pay hike and atleast one more overseas travel, not to forget a six digit profit through stock options.
People might say I was mad. Yeah I agree, there has to be some amount of madness to chase one’s dream.

My decision to resign from my job opened entirely new set of options before me. I am feeling light, energetic and motivated. I’m glad I didn’t short sell myself. My family is happy with my decision, my mother is encouraging me to dream big.

I hope I can connect the dots some day, not very far. I’m feeling lucky.


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