Notorious autorick drivers of Bangalore

I travel out of Bangalore atleast once in 2 months. To reach to the city centre to catch a bus/train, I have to hire an auto. For a 20-30 minute journey, I need to search for an auto for about 30-40 minutes. Even when I find my man friday, I have to pay him a hefty fare (almost double), but some auto-drivers are generous, they charge only 50% extra.

This was third conscutive time that I was a victim of auto-mercy. Me and my roomie paid twice the fare to ferry us to Mestic (Majestic). If this is the plight of people who stay in Bangalore and know the city and local lingo, imagine what could be the plight of tourists; especially foreigners.

Autos in Bangalore are a nuisance both both off-road and on-road.
They have absolute disregard for traffic rules and the customer.

Legislation alone will not help to tame them, there should be something more. We need to break the ‘holy nexus’ between their unions and traffic police (BTW it is aptly named Traffic Police, to symbolize their trafficking business)


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