Ram Rajya?

For all the jobs in this world, we have some kind of entrance exam to assess the competence of candidates and only a few who clear the hurdles are given a chance.
Probably politics/election is the only exam where such rules do not apply.

I would like to see a change in the election process.
Each candidate who wants to contest an election from any consituency should write a 3 page “analysis”, identifying atleast five problems each pertaining to infrastructure, education and economic/industrial development of that consituency.
Then he should propose his solutions, mentioning how he intends to raise/allocate funds for the same.

This a write-up shoud be reviewed by 3 or more prominent personalities with know track record for social welfare. Strictly based on the scores, the candidate may be allowed to file his nomination and contest an election.

Some people may argue that Party’s Political Manifesto serves a similar purpose.
There are some problems with such a document…
1) In a democracy like India, where personal integrity is in the negative range,
such documents do not serve any purpose beyond election campaign and vote bank politics.
Once the party gets to power, all the promises are conveniently compromised.
2) Political Manifesto doesn’t consider the financial accountability and costs associated with promises being made, and also whether the Government would be in a position to meet those promises in an acceptible time-limit.
What’s the point in making a promise which you can’t start for the next 10 years!

Coming back to the discussion about Analytical Writing Assessment…
Firstly, the write up would also expose candidate’s awareness about the problems faced by citizens in his consituency and his ideas about solving their problems.
Secondly, the write up could be used for assessing the candidate’s fitness to continue to represent the constituency, on an on-going basis (may be in two years cycles, each time setting a new set of goals).

Even though the ideas may seem to be very ambitious, I guess we need such measures to keep selfish, corrupt and clueless politicians away.


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