Placement Season at Engineering Colleges

When you are in the college(studying), placement season appears as if heavens have opened the gates and only a few noble souls would get in. Campus placements once again put the toppers and mediocres (five point some ones) in the same league. Every one is equal and all have to work hard to make it through.

But booming job market seems to have spoiled the equations. Today while talking to my brother I figured out that one of the reputed IT Services Company visited their campus and selected 90+ students from his college. They picked up some students who had some backlogs as well, while rejecting a few deserving students. Ofcourse, in a 30 minute interview one can’t judge the capabilities and potential of a candidate and there is always a margin for human error.

This is hardly surprising.
What surprised me most was the way in which the selection process was conducted. The interviews ran through the whole night. Students (and interview panel) were sleepless. Lack of time and pressing deadlines to finish the process are no excuse to carry out a shoddy job. Do it with diligence OR JUST DONT DO IT.

This reputed IT company, shortlisted some 200+ students and a few rounds of informal “group discussions” were conducted. Even though some 20+ students were yet to be interviewed, the representatives of the company decided that it was ‘the time’ to announce the recruitment list. What wrong has these 20 guys done? Did they not deserve a chance? The emotional impact of this on students would be very high. Those guys would feel dejected.

This is total lack of planning on the part of recruiters. Atleast the college authorities should have intervened and made sure that students got justice. Majority of the second rung colleges always find their students at the receiving end. This is mostly because of the lack of confidence of the college in its students (and in itself) and also due to inept placement officers, who dont have the guts to stand up to the situation.

If a similar incident had happened at IIT/IIM, I am more than sure that the company would be black-listed from recruitment. Thats what I call an assertive action.
Its time that these colleges stop treating the recruiters as ‘maayi baaps’ and live with whatever they throw at you.
They are giving jobs to your students and its not a favor…

The colleges should demand that Companies publish a detailed time table for the activities they intend to conduct during selection process and make sure that they start as per schedule. Otherwise it puts undue pressure on both students and recruiters.. (remember late night interviews, GDs?).

Its the time to act; Comon guys, demand fair play!!! They are giving you jobs, they are not masters of your lives


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