November 01, 2005 : Kannada Rajyotsava of a kind

Nov 1, Kannada Rajyotsava… and MES activists in Belgaum go out with black flags to protest. Should I call this halucination or wishful thinking on their part that Belgaum will go to Maharashtra some day. I think these people should come to terms with reality and accept Belgaum “as it is”.

Instead of wasting their energies on useless protests and “fights inside the muncipal corporation office”, they should look at how to make Belgaum a “Model City”.

Belgaum is one of the most vibrant cities in North Karnataka, with a long standing history as industrial hub. It has very well developed mechanical/auto-ancillary industry, 3 Engineering Colleges, 2 Medical Colleges and numerous dental/ayurvedic colleges… Belgaum is connected by Rail, Road, Air. Belgaum offers the best “metropolis” culture in North Karnataka region.

But because of inept political and industrial lobbying, this city has gone un-noticed. It can be an ideal hub for IT and ITES industries with its large talented accent free English speaking populace, and it’s climate is strikingly similar that of Bangalore.

With due support Belgaum could be the next IT nerve-centre. Media could do it’s part by uncovering the positive aspects of the city and it’s business advanatages to potential investors. Belgaumites in the industry could give their home-town “a chance”. Belgaum already has many entrepreneurs but the city needs a lot more.

In this regard, IT Big-Wigs like Infy, TCS, Wipro, IBM can do something. They have the size and financial power to transform small towns into Knowledge Capitals.
Then they can have Belgaum = Bangalore – Traffic Jams – Deve Gowda.
And IT Professionals benefit too.. Every week-end they can escape to Goa, an ideal place for boozing and beaching Image


One response to “November 01, 2005 : Kannada Rajyotsava of a kind

  1. Along with Kannada give respect to Marathi language. Automatically maarathi people may dilute their Andolan. As on today Marathi people are divided in other political parties, but if they decide then can unite. Once upon a time marathi people have given seven MLAs from this area.

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