MBA – Mediocre But Arrogant

2 or 3 year work ex and a good GMAT/CAT score.
Thats what every engineer these days aspires for…

There is a mad rush for MBA. Many people want to enter management without clue about why they want to.
Probably they are lured by laptops and private offices. Life is not all easy and cozy for a manager.

When I ask my friends why MBA, most common answer is “anyway in 2-3 years I’ll be totally into management, instead of geetting there unprepared why not prepare now”.

I would say its a perfectly valid answer.

But before deciding, we should do some introspection.
1) Why MBA? and most importantly why now!
2) What can I achieve with MBA, what have I achieved with my current qualification
3) What is it that I want from my career and life at large? Can MBA help me in that

Most of us with to think that “ek bar MBA kar liya to saare problems solve ho jayengi”
We fail to understand that MBA doesn’t solve the problems, it only eqips us better provided we identify our problems.

[Note: I borrowed the blog title from Abhijit Bhaduri’s Book Title]


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