Bangalore hot spot

Recently lot of hot spots are coming up in Bangalore. Till recently Bangalore was in news for its numerous WiFi Hotspots. Last week it was in news becasue of assault on a BPO employee. Today its in news because its the terrorist hot spot. I don’t want to enumerate all the details about these incidents, as I feel they have had more than their fair share in media.

People should have seen this coming. Bangalore in all its probability is a soft target for such attacks.The city is a good breeding ground for the terrorists thanks to grossly inefficient and corrupt authorities ..
“Chapraasi se leke chief minister tak”.
Actually come to think of it… “Which big city in India if really safe and worth living”.

Delhi is a very expensive, polluted etc.. an women are TOTALLY unsafe
Kolkata : I Donno
Mumbai: If its not terrorists or rains, then it is Shiv Sena
Chennai: Rains rein, and they treat every one outside T.N as “North Indians”
Bangalore: Roads, Traffic, Unjustified high cost of living and NOW TERRORISM
Hyderabad: Hopefully live-able till Naxalites take it over…..

In times like these, public, corporate sector and Government have to take initiative to set things right….

“Janani janma bhoomisch swargadapi gareeyasi Api swarna mayi Singapore name S.M. Krishna rochate”


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